The thing we feared could happen, is happening.

How fascinating it may be for future generations of students and historians look back upon our tweets, posts and print media and see sprawled before them, a road map full of stop signs, all ignored.  They will be able to draw an unthinkable line from the voices of the “99%” leading directly to… a 1% election selection.

So many of us watched and exclaimed this will never happen! This guy will not get elected when he’s out there making blatantly racist remarks ! No way he could get away with attacking the disabled! Surely he won’t find any support from women voters when he talks about wanting to date his own daughter and makes such insulting remarks about women! These are the things we tell our own kids not to tolerate or to not be doing to other people. We say hatred, bigotry and sexism is never rewarded or acceptable.

But he did. Somehow, Trump walked around insulting and bullying people, and still got elected.

And even before this came to pass, there were warnings that this kind of behaviour was bound to instigate new levels of hate crimes. Sure enough, it did. What’s worse is how his election has lead to another effect – emboldened by the outrageous being condoned, more just like him are lining up to take their thrown.

Canada will see Kevin O’Leary run for Leadership of the Conservatives.

Like Trump, Kevin sees himself as a symbol of greatness and perfection. Grossly egotistical. He actually uses the name of “Mr. Wonderful” as a marketing brand just the same as Trump sells his own name to real estate.

Yes the population of the U.S. was angry (maybe hangry?) and wanted change.No problem – that’s why people get to vote – to change the leader if the direction isn’t looking right. But that’s supposed to come with careful consideration. It’s not supposed to be a child-like tantrum where the kids in the clubhouse kick out one kid to bring in another that promises “Ice cream for everyone if you let me in and kick Johnny out!” But that is just what they did. What happened to education in the U.S. creating critical thinkers? Analytical minds?

I hope Canada isn’t about to make the same mistake the U.S. did. We had such high hopes for a Trudeau government; a time of promised transparency, new mandates of open-arm negotiations with the Provinces, scientists re-empowered to do their work and to talk about it. It felt like a dark cloud had at last been lifted off the country, and evidence and science and logical thinking were to return to the policies and procedures of the day.

And yes, we made a mistake on Trudeau. Prancing around the country for town halls, probably expecting to just encounter a whole lot of back-patting for his first year on the job, Trudeau is already hearing not-so-friendly tones. People unable to pay their bills, veterans ignored, record suspensions reforms unrealized, national debit piling up. He’s giving us non-answers every step of the way. But here, we know better right? We know to use our voice to make politicians step up, and follow through or lose their relevance as we elect a new leader with Canadian values at heart.

We don’t have to elect a bully to do that. We don’t have to follow in the steps of the U.S.

Lets not give our children yet another example of rewarding someone for poor behaviour towards their fellow human beings. Our country, our future deserves far better than empowering someone to stomp on young and old just because they counter his opinion (with facts).

Globally, it seems like Politics is slipping into some bizarre high-school age attitude, where the loudest cliques drown out the voices of reason. We need intelligent, rational, compassionate people in parliament. We need people from the little communities, and those who have lived the real life of the 99%, understand the needs and issues to be taken care of and respect their fellow Canadian’s positions, perspectives and culture.

We don’t want another “ABC” election in 2019! We want a race between 3 (or more) solid parties that engage all of us. And if we arise at a minority – we’re the better for it! When parties of different colours are made to work together, more Canadians benefit from the balanced, negotiated approach to our growth and development.

I just hope the voting members of the Conservative group are far more alert to the kind of Canada an O’Leary leadership would mean; begone with compassion for the poor – let them look up and yearn for what the wealthy have! Food safety labelling? No need for that! Just eat what you’re given or don’t eat and die off because otherwise you’re a lobbyist. And just like Trump, go on and make ludicrously unprepared statements on topics you never read or researched beforehand.

Come on Canada, don’t make the same mistake!




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